AP Chemistry Test Preparation Notes

The attached document is about 70 pages of notes for AP Chemistry students. You are free to download and use for preparing for the AP test.

Let me know if you find errors or if you make changes (enhancements). Also, let me know if the material was helpful. Positive and negative feedback are welcome. Simply use the comment field below this post. Please do not send me emails or private messages regarding this file.


General Restrictions and License
This file is available to you for free if you are using the material for test preparation. Teachers are welcome to use the material; If you use the material for your students then attribution would be nice, including a link to the www.thechembook.com website. The material should never be sold to anyone.

The work is a compilation of notes from numerous sources. I ran the work through a plagiarism checker a few months ago and all should be fine but let me know if something is amiss. I apologize in advance for not listing the original textbooks, review guides, and websites.

I created the images using ActivInspire (by Promethean).

Will there be an update?
If there is a major mistake then it will be fixed as soon as it is called to my attention. Otherwise, I’m not sure. If there is time or interest then I might consider updating this file.