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Unit 3: The Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry

Unit 3

Unit 3 is California content standard 3, including Nomenclature, The Mole, Balancing Equations, Molar Mass, Molar Ratios. Textbook chapters include chapters 4, 6-9.


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Article #1 Chemical changes are when something new is made.


Article #2

A chemical formula is a symbolic way of expressing information about the atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound, and how the relationship between those atoms changes in chemical reactions. <ref>Answers.com: http://www.answers.com/topic/formula</ref>


Major Topics

  1. Nomenclature
  2. Chemical Formulas
  3. The Mole
  4. Molar Mass
  5. Conversions
  6. Introduction to chemical reactions
  7. Introduction to chemical equations
  8. Balancing chemical equations
  9. Mole Ratios
  10. Unit 3: Assessment

Lessons Lesson 90: Chemical Formulas: Introduced
Lesson 91: Nomenclature: Type I
Lesson 92: Nomenclature: Type II
Lesson 93: Nomenclature: Type III
Lesson 94: Polyatomics
Lesson 95: Writing Formulas from words
Lesson 96: Atomic Mass
Lesson 97: Average Atomic Mass
Lesson 98: The Mole
Lesson 99: Avogadro's number
Lesson 100: Chemical Formulas
Lesson 101: Counting Atoms in a Formula
Lesson 102: Molar Mass (Gram Formula Mass)
Lesson 103: Gram to Mole Conversions
Lesson 104: Moles to Grams Conversions
Lesson 105: Percent Composition
Lesson 106: Empirical Formulas
Lesson 107: Molecular Formulas
Lesson 108: Evidence of chemical reaction
Lesson 109: Word Equations
Lesson 110: Chemical Equations (Symbols)
Lesson 111: Balancing Chemical Equations
Lesson 112: Mole to Mole Problems
Lesson 113: Mass to Mass Problems
Lesson 114: Limiting Reagents
Lesson 115: Percent Yield

(Standards: CH3. a-e)

The conservation of atoms in chemical reactions leads to the principle of conservation of matter and the ability to calculate the mass of products and reactants.

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