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Unit 2: The Chemical Bonds, Biochemistry

Unit 2

Unit 2 consists of the California content standards 2 and 10. Four major areas of study help students understand chemical bonds. Textbook chapters include chapters 12 and 21.


Featured Articles For Unit 2

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Article #1 Chemical bonds are forces between valence electrons holding atoms together to form molecules. <ref> Carpi, Anthony. (2003).Chemical Bonding. Retrieved February 5, 2009, from http://www.visionlearning.com/library/module_viewer.php?mid=55 </ref>. Atoms may transfer or share electrons, and either process may provide for a stable arrangement of electrons between the atoms that result in the formation of molecules. <ref> Jones, Larry. (2007). Chemical Bonding. Retrieved February 5, 2009, from http://www.sciencebyjones.com/chemical_bonding.htm </ref>


Article #2 G.N. Lewis developed a means to describe the valence electrons of atoms involved in bonds. There are six basic steps to solving a Lewis structure.


Major Topics

Standard 2: Chemical Bonds

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Standard 10: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

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