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Template for featured scientists. Only text for the CURRENTWEEK will return within the proper unit.


The switch command will evaluate the current week. If the current week equals the number then the article will show. Otherwise, a story by John Dalton will be available. Each article available should have a paragraph surrounded by the onlyinclude tag.

The Current Week

The Current Week is 14

The Article For The Week

Werner Heisenberg (5 December 1901 – 1 February 1976) developed the uncertainty principle. Werner Karl Heisenburg was a bright and talented man. For one, he taught himself calculus. His name associates with his Theory of Quantum Mechanics, as well as the Principle of Uncertainty. The Principle of Uncertainty and the Theory of Quantum Mechanics play major roles in contributing to the studies of the atom of his time, as well as studies today. Werner Heisenburg, without a doubt, did not leave the world of the living without giving something for all to remember.