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Stanislao Cannizzaro

Stanislao Cannizzaro(1826-1910) In the eighty-four years that Stanislao Cannizzaro lived, he passionately devoted a great deal of it to the study of chemistry. He made his first contribution in Michel Eugène Chevreul's laboratory with F.S. Cloez to chemistry. Together, Cannizzaro and Cloez made cyanamide by mixing ammonia on cyanogen chloride in ethereal solution. He then found Cannizzaro's reaction, a reaction where aromatic aldehyde is synchronously oxidized and cut down in the company of alkali to give an acid and an alcohol. While serving as the chair of inorganic and organic chemistry at the University of Palermo, he wrote his paper, "Sketch of a Course of Chemical Philosyphy" where he analyzed the contrast between atomic and molecular weights.

Born in the Italian city of Palmero, Stanislao Cannizzaro went to a university with the purpose of studying physiology. It was not until he understood the significance of chemical processes in neurophysiology that he restorted to organic chemistry. From the years of 1845 to 1847 he worked as a lab assistant to R. Piria. But went to Sicily to fight as an officer, and afterwards was exiled. However he soon reentered chemistry and began working in Michel Eugène Chevreul's laboratory.

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