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Nuclear decay

Lesson: 01
Unit: 0
State Content Standard: 11

Lesson Title:Unit: 1 Lesson 59
Textbook page: Pages 608
Chemistry Passport: Page 73

1.learn to write nuclear equations that describe nuclear/radioactive decay 2. Solving alpha
3. Solving beta
4. Remembering Isotopes

Lesson Content: Nuclear decay occurs whenever a nucleus is in an energy state which is not the lowest possible for its "nucleon number" (A; a nucleon is a proton or a neutron). This state may occur naturally (which essentially means that it was created in that state in an earlier generation star) or by artificial means (neutron or photon irradiation). The lowest state can be computed using a "shell model" which uses techniques not unlike the Hartree approximation; in particular, the energy level depends heavily on the angular momenta and spins of the nucleons. There are several modes of decay:


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