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Learning chemistry

Lesson: 03
Unit: 0
State Content Standard: Investigation & Experimentation

Lesson Title: Learning chemistry
Textbook: pp. 14 - 16
Chemistry Passport: Page 17


1. Students are presented with course expectations

2. Students explore different strategies to learn chemistry

Lesson Content

A. ”Chemistry courses have a universal reputation for being difficult.”
• Vocabulary

• Memorization

• Word Problems
-use self-check exercises

B. It’s Your Job

1. Lecture notes- take, rewrite, and review.
Keep your composition book neat and organized

2. Homework

a. Work chemistry problems

b. Keep everything- 3 ring binder dedicated to Chemistry.

c. Be prepared

d. Use resources

C. Become Familiar with the Textbook

D. Learning Styles

People do not have one style for learning, but have developed all of them unequally. A better word to understand is to substitute the word “skill.” We can all succeed if we strengthen our weakest skill. Just remember the phrase, “you are as strong as your weakest link.” Spend time during the school year to practice and improve your worst skills.

Learning styles gained favor in education during the 1970s. While there are numerous studies over the past 4 decades, none have provided support for teachers modifying instruction to favor the diversity of student preferences <ref>Pashler, H., McDaniel, M., Rohrer, D., & Bjork, R. (2009). Learning styles: Concepts and evidence Psychological Science in the Public Interest 9. pp 105–119. Retrieved July 15, 2011 at http://www.psychologicalscience.org/journals/pspi/PSPI_9_3.pdf</ref>.

Suggested Readings
Wavefunction. (2011). One more thing we can learn from Linus Pauling. Retrieved May 2, 2011 from http://wavefunction.fieldofscience.com/2011/02/another-thing-we-can-learn-from-linus.html


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