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Charles Martin Hall

Charles Martin Hall was born in Thompson, Ohio on December 6,1863. CITATION REQUIRED

He became interested when a professor at Oberlin collee mentioned that if anyone who could find a way to manufacture aluminum cheaply would make a fortune.Hall attended Oberlin College and graduated in 1885.Charles Martin Hall had just graduated from Oberlin College(Oberlin, Ohio)with a bachlors degree in chemistry when he invented his method of manufactoring pure aluminum. He was a scientist that set up his own lab in his house. This inventive man became an american chemist and discovered an inexpensive method for the isolation of only pure aluminum from its compound.Charles Martin Hall became one of the most prestigious scientist to his dicovery of producing aluminum in an inexpensive way.


On Febuary 23,1886 Charles Martin found a Molten Cryolite(mineral sodium aluminum). Molten Cryolite was just what he needed in the proccess of his experiments to find aluminum. Hall started putting together Cryolite, aluminum oxide and homemade batteries, and also made his small liquid ball shape of aluminum.Hall traveled to Pittsburg and found a small group of people that formed the Pittsburg Reduction Company. A few years later Charles Martin Hall became an inmense producer of the element aluminum in the United States.In 1911,he was awarded a Perkins Medal for his hard achievements.

His Discovery

So that was a beggining for his dicovery.Working at twenty-one years old, he worked in a tool shed in the back yard of his house. The tools that he was onserving included iron frying pan as a container, a blacksmiths forges as a heat source, and cells called galvanic cells that come from fruit jars. W ith the galvic cells, he discovered a new way to produce aluminum. What he did was pass a type of current through the molten mixture of AL203(aluminum oxide)and Na3AIF6(electrolyte). Ever since his discovery of aluminum , the prices of aluminum dropped.Hall had trouble finding supporters for his process.

Towards his Death

As more years went by he was just getting his price on aluminum, by 1907 the Pittsburg Reduction Company was renamed The Aluminum Company of America, later shortened to ALCOA. In 1890 he became its vice president. By 1914 his process had brought the cost of aluminum from twelve dollars per pound down to eighteen cents a pound. Hall also contributed to organizations that promoted education,equal opportunity and inter cultures understanding.Hall also left funds to the American association fewer than one of his parents that hade worked before his and his brother George had served as fundraiser in Chicago, to support the development of college for African Americanstudents in the south. His estate promotted the growth of strong programs and fields of study and health Oberlin College to become eminent in higher education in America.Upon his death Hall was a generouse benefactor of his college, bequeating Oberlin more than enough money to continue research. Charles Martin Hall Died Dec 27 1914. He died unmarried and childless and was buried in Westwood Cemetery in Oberlin.

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