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CH3 Vocabulary

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  • Atomic mass-The average mass of all nuclides of an element
  • Avogadro's number-The number (6.022x10^23) of atoms, molecules or particles found in exactly 1 mole of substance
  • Balanced equations-when the mass and the charge are balanced on both sides of the reaction.
  • Chemical formula-a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements
  • Chemical reaction-a process that results in the interconversion of chemical species
  • Coefficients-a number in front of a variable
  • Denominator-the bottom part of a fraction
  • Dimensional analysis-
  • Equation-A representation of a chemical reaction
  • Exponents-a number on the top right of another number denoting the power in which that number is to be raised
  • Grams-A metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth (10-3) of a kilogram
  • Isolation of variables-
  • Isotopes-Two or more forms of atoms of the same element with different masses
  • Mass-to-mole-
  • Metric conversions
  • Molar mass
  • Mole
  • Molecular mass
  • Molecular weight-The mass of one molecule of a nonionic substance in atomic mass units.
  • Mole-to-mass
  • Oxidation
  • Oxidation number-Arbitrary numbers that can be used as mechanical aids in writing formulas and balancing equations
  • Oxidation-reduction reactions
  • Percent yield-
  • Principle of conservation of matter
  • Products
  • Reactants-Substances consumed in a chemical reaction.
  • Reduction-
  • Rules of significant digits
  • Scientific notation
  • Stoichiometric calculations-Description of the quantitative relationships among elements and compounds as they undergo chemical changes.
  • Subscripts
  • Theoretical yield-Maximum amount of a specified product that could be obtained from specified amounts of reactants
  • Units-
  • Volume

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