The Chemistry Book: Element Project

Here is a short list that may help you decide what information to put on the element page. Please use the list as a guide and not as a maximum of what to complete.

  1. element’s name and chemical symbol
  2. atomic mass
  3. relative abundance of its most abundant isotope(s)
  4. when was the element discovered/synthesized
  5. who discovered/synthesized the element
  6. where was the element discovered/synthesized
  7. list major industrial uses for the element (if any)
  8. list major medical uses for the element (if any)
  9. what does a kg of the element cost
  10. how abundant is the element on Earth
  11. how abundant is the element in the Universe
  12. in what phase is the element normally found
  13. is the element a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid
  14. what is the element’s density under normal conditions
  15. what are the element’s normal melting and boiling points
  16. is the element a conductor, insulator, or semi-conductor
  17. is the element radioactive – if yes, how does it decay
  18. other interesting information about the element

Take a look at other elements completed in the Wiki to figure out what information can be added and enhances the page.

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